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“Become a vessel for the divine.”
― Amy Ippoliti

Cathedral of the Soul is the Seminary branch of Humanity Healing International and Part of Humanity Healing Network. Our Church is our House of Faith, one of the 12 houses Humanity Healing Organize its outreaches. It came into existence through the request of many of our Healers and Spiritual Counselors expressed by the intention to be of service to others.
It is the ” school of faith ” which , through the basic practices and training stages, provides training to those who will become useful elements to the Divine Work .

Some still insist on believing that “theology” is a knowledge restricted to priests and bishops . It is not! Every Christian is called to ” give reasons for their hope ” (cf. 1 Pet 3:15) . This is theology : the science of faith. We believe to understand and understand to believe , as Saint Anselm said . There is no conflict or incompatibility between faith and reason . St. Augustine used to say that God made us thinking , thinking is a way of praising the Creator of all.

The Cathedral of the Soul curriculum is structured in the following manner: core courses (composed of foundational courses in comparative religions), and electives.

The three foundational courses are Hermeneutics, Theology, and Spiritual Leaders on Sacred History.

The seminar will foster in students the development of the spirituality of minister own pastoral charity whose main lines are:

The awareness of having been called by the Father and driven by the Holy Spirit to a configuration with the Spirit of The Christ, the Eternal High Priest.

Do the faithful ministry exercise par excellence for personal sanctification.

The experience of pastoral charity, “shaped and defined by those attitudes and behaviors that are proper to Christ, Head and Shepherd”placed permanently at the service of God’s creation and Sentient Beings.

Guided by the love of the Holy Spirit , the spiritual formation of the seminarian will take into account as one of its main goals, the experience and the practice of charity and service to others raising him the experience of compassionate communion with the Divine that unfolds naturally in the pursuit of communion with the brothers and sisters.