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Ministerial Program

Ministerial Program

Ministerial Program


Ministerial Program applicant profile:
Who it is the program for?

The COS ministerial Program was tailored for Ageless Wisdom Students, World Servers, Spiritual & Sacred activists. This program also suits teachers, healers, and miracle-workers, who have advanced in the life curriculum of forgiveness, understanding, compassion and selfless service but yet need additional structure, organization, guidance, collaboration, and practice to experience a consistently peaceful state of mind.

“Your heart is your temple.”
― Suzy Kassem

This Ministerial syllabus comprises both study and practical applications. Our curriculum brings the timeless teachings of Mystical Christianity and other contemporary cultures of purification and inner discipline, applied the praxis of the modern-day world.

The core of the curriculum is the practical application of the ideas for one’s self-realization with emphasis on early Christianity and original practices.

The Cathedral of the Soul Program also serves as a Ministerial Program for those who have received the calling to be a minister, and to serve others.

The Ordination Program involves an additional enrollment process and prerequisites (see Ministerial Program Information).

The Ministerial Program provides an extensive support network and a structured approach to completing the material in the program. After completion of the One year and a half program, a ministerial trainee may be commissioned.

A commissioned minister, having completed the one year and a half Ministerial may enroll in and complete the Counseling Module, which involves practicums, to become licensed.

A licensed minister has the option of enrolling in additional ministerial training to become fully ordained.

The full ordination process will require other courses and practicums, as well as an examination. The Evaluation Ministerial team appoints ordained ministers.

The Student may request continued access to the program for specific teaching purposes if:

A) She/he had completed the two-year program within the four-year time frame.

B) She/he had submitted the online assignments.

C) Through the assignments she/he had indicated a clear understanding of the teachings, and ability to take the ideas inward to transfer the training of the mind to live situations

The lay and licensed ministry levels are stages in Humanity Healing International Church through the Cathedral of the Soul Seminary for Ordained Ministers. All Ordained Ministers, in addition to being an inter-spiritual Counselor, are clergy within Humanity Healing Church and as such are able to pursue provincial, state or country licensing as clergy.