The Prayer of Saint Modestos Bishop of Jerusalem

The Prayer of Saint Modestos Bishop of Jerusalem is said in the case of every fatal sickness and danger to oxen, horses, donkeys, mules, sheep, goats, bees, and any other animals.

Prayer Written by St. Nikodemus of the Holy Mountain

O Lord Jesus Christ my God, who is merciful and All-good, who in wisdom created every visible and invisible creature,
Who pours out His compassion upon all that He has created,
Who through Your all-good Providence foresees and troubles over for all Your creatures: bodiless, physical, rational, irrational, soul-bearing, soulless, from the first to the last.
For nothing is not foreseen by You, neither is anything abandoned by You, the Creator and Foreseer of all.
For You are He Who opens His hand and fills all living things with goodness.
You are He makes grass to grow for the cattle and green herb for the service of men.
You are He Who once, through the herd of Israel, preserved them from above from the fatal wound of the first-born of the Egyptians.
You are He Who, through the compassion of Your incarnation, deposed he who had the might of death: that is, the devil, and by Your death, you put an end to death.
You are He Who, through myself, Your unworthy servant, puts to death the serpent, that Your spring of water might not be corrupted. Those that drink from it, both the living and the dead, through Your life-giving power, you resurrect.
And if a demon draws near to it and prepares to make itself apparent, seize it, that it might never dare to approach the place in which,
I the sinner, call upon Your name.

To You, therefore, I pray, O All-good Master and Creator of all,
and I entreat You, the cause of all life, hearken to this my entreaty, and drive away every fatal sickness and danger from the oxen, horses, donkeys, mules, sheep, goats, bees,
and any other animals in true need to the life of Your servants who call upon You, the giver of every good, and of my name.
And grant, O Lord, to all those who celebrate my name, and with faith hasten to my relics, permanent peace, multiplication of animals, uncorrupted wheat, wine, and oil,
and above all, remission of sins, the health of bodies, and eternal salvation of souls.

Yes, O Lord Jesus Christ, for the descendants from Your very loins, grant compassion on the suffering animals, whose herd is afflicted by the sickle of death.
And not having any word besides bleating, and bitter and random noises, in Your mercy, take away their passion and suffering.
For if You even call rational beings to this sympathy:
“A righteous man has compassion upon his animals,” as is written, how much more do You show compassion on these, Who are their Creator and Foreseer?
For You, O compassionate, preserved the animals in the Ark, as Your goodness and compassion won out.

The earth might be worked by the wellness and multiplication of the oxen and the remaining four-legged animals.
Fruit might be harvested, and Your servants who call upon my name might be preserved without any corruption and partake of their very harvest.
And that these, having all things that are necessary, might be increased in every good work, and glorify You, Who grants every good thing.

And grant me also, Your servant and most-fervent entreated, the honor of Your all-governing Kingdom, for to You belong all glory, honor, and worship, with Your beginning-less Father, and Your All-Holy and good and life-giving Spirit, now and ever, and unto the ages of
ages. Amen.


This prayer is said to be similar to those of St. Mamas (also for animals) and St. Tryphon (for gardens). It is said by the Priest following the Blessing of the Water service, specifically for those whose animals are sick or in any kind of danger.

It is a beautiful prayer, and we can see the humility, faith, and love of the Fathers, who would always take refuge in the Lord in every need or trial in their lives. The livestock were one’s means of sustenance, as was demonstrated above, then this truly becomes a great need indeed). May Christ heal all of His creation that suffer throughout the world through the prayers of His Saints. Amen.

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