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About Us: Cathedral of the Soul:

Cathedral of the Soul intends to undertake the challenge of creating a multidimensional Educational and healing space, dedicated to those who seek to enrich, enlighten and heal themselves while serving and assisting in the healing of others. Learn More about us and Our Vision

Our Vision

“And you are living stones that God is building into his spiritual temple. What’s more, you are his holy priests.”
1 Peter 2:5

The Seminary at Cathedral of the Soul is the materialized expression of one of the twelve houses of Humanity Healing, namely the house of Faith.

About Us: What we Believe

We believe that It is one of the purposes of the gift of Faith to provide a supernatural and sacred space that realizes all the weaving of spiritual gifts in the Light of pure Grace.

Our Community

Cathedral of the Soul is one of the many spiritual outreaches of Humanity Healing International, a registered 501-C3 nonprofit with Church status.
Humanity Healing International regards the education of Ancient Wisdom as a necessary step to integrate Mystical Christianity with Ageless tradition.
The Cathedral of the Soul Church underlines and celebrates the early Christian theological diversity found in many ancient spiritual paths through the common elements that unite Faith and Spirituality. At the same time, It encourages practicing the presence of the Divine in daily life.

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Cathedral of the Soul is an ancient concept that comes to us through the various Ageless Wisdom Traditions. This perception embodies the timeless truth that the Holy Spirit dwells inside our heart temples and that everything inside creation is inherently sacred.

I think there’s a shamanic temperament, which is a person who craves knowledge, knowledge in the Greek sense of gnosis. In other words, knowledge not of the sort where you subscribe to Scientific American, and it validates what you believe, but cosmologies constructed out of immediate experiences that are found to be always applicable.
Terence McKenna

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9 am – 4:30 pm
Monday through Friday

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PO Box 1333, Oil City, PA 16301
Tel: 1 (888) 123 4567

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