Prayer to Saint Antony, the Abbot, to Ask intercession for pets and animals.

We are called to pray for Saint Antony the abbot, the desert father, for the welfare of our animals since he is the ancient known patron saint of pets and farm animals. He is believed to bless them to keep them away from evil ailments. His prayers are known to take away the pain and bring in light.

Saint Antony, the Abbot Animal Prayer 1

Venerable Saint Antony the Abbot, knowing that all of God’s creations is perfect and has a noble purpose, I beg you as a holy intermediary before him for my pet (Mention the pet’s name)

So, his existence by my side may give him peace and may always be happy.

Bless Of Saint Antony the abbot all the animals on Earth, especially those who give us their company, love, and warmth.
Take in your hands, my pet, that his state of mind and his function of complementing me every day be faithfully maintained.

Saint Antony, the abbot, my beloved pet, expects nothing in return. He is my joy and my company. There is no conditioning in his being set by his creator.
Thank you for putting him(her) on my life path.

My Beloved pet is a member of our family, and it is treated like such.
Please bestow your blessings on him m(her) and all the animals close to us and those in need of healing.
In Christ, we pray. Amen!

saint Antony of the desert -prayersSaint Antony, the Abbot Animal Prayer 2

Oh Saint Antony, the Abbott,
You who in life fought for the protection, the wellbeing, and health of pets, I come to you to ask you to interfere with our Lord God and help heal my animal.
He (she) is part of my family too. I do not want to lose him (here). He (she) has been my best friend for a long time, so I beg you to grant me what I ask you with all my heart.

Lord, you who died defending the rights of animals to live and enjoy a healthy life full of love from their owners,
I ask to illuminate my animal (dog) and take him (her) out of the darkness in which he (she) is,
Listen to my prayers. It hurts me to see him (her) like this.
Saint Antony, the abbot, I ask you please to allow me to be your hands directed by the power of God to touch my dog,
In you, I fully trust.

I pray this prayer for my sick animal so that God will make effective all the medicines that all veterinarians and healers are giving him (her). Then, very soon, he can be running, playing, and enjoying himself around our house.

I know that you have illuminated many pets from the heavens, and they have recovered. That is why I turn to you, my beloved saint, so that you would allow me to continue enjoying my animal for a little longer.

Saint Antony, I trust in you, and I am sure you will fulfill this prayer intention if it is of God’s will.
Have mercy, Saint Antony, on this innocent little being who is the reason for my joy.
I humbly ask your divine intercession on his behalf,
And so it is, In Christ, we pray, Amen!

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