Interfaith Seminary

Interfaith Ministry is the way to aggregate, unite, bring together, reconnect, rescue, and cultivate the union of people of different Religions, Beliefs, and Ideologies.
Interfaith Ministries outreaches are committed to co-existence: Peacemaking, Love, and Solidarity encounter.
The Interfaith Ceremonies profess the Universal Faith. The praxis is of welcoming all Religions and Beliefs of an authentic Faith within each Human Being, accepting the other without judgment and prejudice.
Interfaith and Interspiritual ceremonies are generally held in neutral places amidst nature, not using temples of any religion.

The Fourteen Acts of Mercy

The Fourteen Works of Mercy

The Fourteen Works of Mercy What are the Fourteen Works of Mercy? Works of mercy are charitable actions by which we help our neighbors in their bodily and spiritual needs. To instruct, advise, console, and…

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The Novenas

The Novenas What are Novenas? A Novena is an ancient tradition of devotional praying in Christianity. As a spiritual practice, it is performed continuously and repeated for nine successive days or weeks. The practice may…

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