Fathers of the Desert

The Desert FathersOr fathers of the desert were mystical hermits, ascetics, monks, and nuns who mostly lived in the Nitrian desert (Estes) in Egypt from the 3rd century. The Desert Fathers had an enormous influence on the development of early Christianity and its form of desert monastic communities. These grew out of these informal meetings of hermit monks and became the model for Christian monasticism. Their Mystical wisdom is invaluable to any spiritual system of Ageless wisdom

Desert Fathers

Desert Father’s Tales

The Desert Fathers Tales During the beginning of the Christian era, the monastery of Sceta, Alexandria became the center of convergence of many people who, after renouncing the life they had, lived in the desert…

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Limits-Fathers of the desert

Respecting the Limit

Respecting the Limits The monks of Sceta met under the guidance of the abbot Paulus: “We will begin a fast today,” said Father Paulus. And only we will be finished when we are ready to…

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Behave Like the Others

Behave like the others The Abbe Pastor was walking with a monk of Sceta when they were stopped and invited to eat. The owner of the house, honored by the presence of the monks, was…

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