The monk they called Luke, accompanied by a disciple, crossed a village. An old man approached the Monk and asked the ascetic:

“Holy man, how do I approach God?

– Live your life with Joy. Praise the Creator with your bliss – was his answer.
The two continued to walk. At that moment, a young man approached.
“What do I do to get close to God?”
“Try to live your life like you need to have fun all the time,” said the monk.

When the young man left, the disciple commented:

“You do not seem to know exactly whether or not we should have fun, do you father?”

“The spiritual pursuit is a bridge without a handrail crossing an abyss,” Lucas replied.
– If someone is too close to the right side, I say to them ‘to go to the left!’
If they approach the border of the left side, I say to them to go ‘to the right!’.
The extremes always push us away from the Middle Way Path.

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